Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ravelry Love

Are you on Ravelry? I've been using this site for the past few years, mostly just to admire projects and find inspiration. But recently, I've started using it much more. If you've never even heard of Ravelry, it's basically a social networking site for yarn fanatics! (And if this isn't your thing, I'm about to get super nerdy, so sorry in advance!).
You have a "notebook" where you can add and keep track of projects, yarn in your stash, hooks, needles and lots more! I like to use my notebook like a little crochet diary. When I start a project, I'll make a post for it in my Ravelry notebook as well. This helps me keep track of the hook size & yarn I'm using and I can write notes & post pictures as I go. If I ever want to remake a project, I have all of my notes and information in one place!
Beyond your notebook, you can also find loads of patterns using the pattern search or browse feature. This is my favorite part! You can find so much inspiration this way. When you find a pattern you're interested in, check out all the other projects people have made using this pattern (another great place for inspiration!).
Then, if you don't get stuck browsing all of the beautiful patterns for hours (I do SO often!), there are also groups and forums where you can meet other crocheters, knitters, spinners and weavers. There are groups for your favorite designers, groups dedicated to tv shows, yarn companies, books, gardening, just about anything you can think of! It's such a great place where you can meet & connect with people who share your interests AND crochet or knit! How could it get any better? :)

My user name is EASmith and I recently started my own group on Ravelry. I wanted a space where I could answer any questions people had about my patterns, let people know when I need patterns tested, announce new pattern releases or errata and just generally get to know people! I'd love it if you joined my group!
If you are interested in pattern testing for me, keep an eye out in my group for announcements and you can also email me at and I will be sure to keep you in the loop when testers are needed!

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