Monday, April 28, 2014

Submission Accepted!

So, I just got an email that my submission to KnitPicks was accepted! I definitely did a little happy dance. :)
Next steps are finishing up the pattern (it's mostly written, I just need to do some fine tuning), crochet the sample, take some pictures and have a few testers work the pattern to check for any mistakes.
If you are interested in testing for me, send me an email! I am not able to offer compensation at this time, but you would receive the pattern and any corrections/updates free of charge.

If you've never tested before, it's easy (as long as you can read a pattern, of course)! I'll email the pattern to you, and you work it up exactly according to the pattern. Keep in contact with me through out the process, especially if you have any issues or questions so I can rewrite to make the pattern more clear. Then, when you've finished crocheting the sample, email me a picture of your final item with any questions, comments or concerns you had while making the item. Pretty simple! I've done some test crocheting for other designers and it's pretty fun!
This pattern is for a mug cozy that would make a perfect Mother's Day gift or a lovely little gift for yourself. You will need cotton worsted weight yarn in three colors (about 55 yards of the main color and 8 yards of each of the detail colors), an H hook, a 1-1.5" button and a yarn needle for weaving in ends.

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